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Kristen Paulet

Marketing Professional

It all started in April of 2014. Nearing the completion of my MBA, I chose one marketing course and one economics class to fulfill my final course requirements. As you may have guessed, the marketing course is where this story really begins.

My Social Media marketing course for the spring graduate program at Southern New Hampshire University created a recipe mixed with academic requirement, professional insight and personal interest that has inspired HIT Marketing — a blog focused around marketing and social media in the Healthcare IT industry.

“I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.” – Pablo Picasso

With amazing professional and academic role models, inspiration from professional bloggers and marketeers,  and the support from incredible colleagues, I have created this blog as a literary outlet for my marketing aspirations and my enthusiasm for small businesses to achieve greatness.

The ideas, suggestions and theory are of my own creation or of my own adaptation of referenced sources. Unless otherwise noted, the content on this blog is conjured, developed and posted by yours truly.

About the Blogger

As a marketing professional in healthcare, I have built my career around improving the delivery of care for both caregivers and the patient. I combine creativity and best practice principles to create innovative solutions that increase exposure, attract leads, and retain satisfied clients. Driven by intuition and executing through tactical, data-driven planning, I thrive in high-energy and collaborative environments.

For more about my background, you can find my on LinkedIn here or visit my website here.